Courses are available as one or two-day workshops – “in person’ or online – designed to give you the chance to explore a range of different techniques to unleash creativity.

They’re easy techniques that you can use straight away on your own or with others. Plus a unique introduction to a process of innovation.  




We’re all expected to come up with new ideas or ways of doing things.  “Think outside the box”, we’re told – but how do you do it?    The aim of this workshop is to give you a creativity toolkit to help you think laterally, generate and develop your ideas.  

Workshop content:

  • Try out creative thinking techniques – simple but profoundly effective methods including random triggers, metaphors and creative swiping
  • Think like Disney – three different perspectives to give you a process that helps demystify creativity
  • Filter and select top ideas and develop your story, format or content
  • Have fun

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